- Balance between cosmetic and natural needs.
- Beauty with innovative biochemical formulas.
- Transparent communication of a brand dedicated to health and well-being.

Biological ingredients, efficacy of formulations, quality of production: èsSenza is a product of the Italian company Rays SpA, a leader in the health, protection and personal care sector. Rays is able to guarantee the highest quality standards as the entire design and production cycle takes place entirely within our laboratories in Osimo (AN), with an accurate control from the Research & Development up to the packaging stage, such to overcome the strict inspections of the certifying body Cosmos. Rays is a guarantee of safety for products and formulations, but also for the assistance and service to customers, who can rely on the professionalism of a totally Italian company with over 25 years of history.

Serenity and safety: this is what we want for the people we love. When we choose a product for ourselves or for our family, we are not just buying a product, we are choosing quality, naturalness and protection we want for our beloved ones.

This is why èsSenza is born: the natural, vegan and certified organic cosmetic line, with an ecological vocation and a completely new design, compared to the category
A minimal aesthetic that is inspired by the soft and essential forms of nature.
An elegant role that fascinates not only the faithful to the "green", but also all the consumers attentive to the most refined style and details.
- èsSenza is without parabens, mineral oils, silicones, dyes, GMOs.
- èsSenza is certified Cosmos Organic, Cosmos Natural, Vegan ok and is approved by the Biodictionary.
- èsSenza guarantees the presence from 98.6% to 100% of natural ingredients.
- èsSenza is completely Made in Italy.